Bedbug Control Tips


Bed Bugs are small insect s without wings that feed on blood of warm blooded animals and cause itching bites to human beings. They are usually found in places where human beings dwell but they can remain without food for many days and so are often found in places where the old tenants have left. Bed bugs are usually attracted to blood, carbon dioxide and warmth. Once they enter a place they reproduce rapidly and spread their infestation from one room to another. So bed bugs need to be controlled in time.

Control Measures for bedbugs

  • Firstly clearly identify bed bugs. They are ¼ inch long and oval in shape but with a flattened.  Their color can be white, light brown, dark brown or even burnt orange. Signals of bed bug infestation are


  • Bites on skin
  • Dark spots of bed bug excreta found on walls, bed covers, furniture gaps, etc.
  • White spots that are bed bug eggs found in cracks and crevices, bed covers, etc.
  • Bed bugs seen moving around your place.
  • Blood stains on bed covers caused due to crushing of bed bugs.
  • Check all the infested areas as well as the surrounding places.
  • Spraying of pesticides can prove to be helpful only if the pesticide is recommended for bed bugs. Otherwise blindly spraying any insecticide without checking its label can prove to be of no use and instead harm your health.
  • Maintain cleanliness that is clean your bed covers and pillow covers regularly in hot water as bed bugs tend to lay eggs and breed on your be and pillow covers.
  • Use pillow encasements and mattresses to identify their infestation and take action accordingly.
  • Bed covers, pillow covers, beds and clothing should be kept in sunlight at a temperature of 45ºC  as bed bugs cannot resist high temperatures and they die.
  • If bed bugs are present in your house make sure you keep your bed away from the walls and you clean all the furniture to identify and prevent the bed bugs.
  • The best and the most reliable method of bed bug control is Integrated Pest management which includes clear identification of pest and their life cycle, their interaction with the environment and the available pest control methods that can be implemented.
  • Call a reliable pest control service provider to provide integrated pest management (IPM).

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